Navigating the Dutch Labour Market, with Tessa Faber


“There are over a hundred thousand job vacancies in the Netherlands right now.” Citing this hopeful and exciting statistic, career coach Tessa Faber of Making Sense began her presentation at our sixth workshop of 2019, “Navigating the Dutch Labour” market. The importance of this topic was evident by the excitement of our attendees – as well as by the standing room only attendance that filled our presentation space to capacity. For those of you unable to attend, and for those of you who were not able to register before our registration became full, we realize th...

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Local Finnish Female Choral Group TAIKA to Release Their First Album!


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Acess Magazine for Autumn 2019 - Now Available for Download!


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"Create Your Life with Intention - Return to Your Heart," with Manuela Damant


“What do you want?” “What do you need?” We don’t usually apply such big, broad questions when thinking abou...

Interested in Childcare? Zein International's Talent Programme can help you get qualified!


Are you interested in a career in childcare, but aren't certified in the Netherlands and/or don't know how to navigat...